ACTEON SOPIX Dental Directradiology

ACTEON SOPIX Dentale Direktradiographie

Digital sensor with CMOS- and exclusive ACE-technology.

  • Sopro high-tech sensor with CMOS- + GADOX-fiber optic, theoretical resolution with 25 line pairs (0.7 m primary line)
  • Size 1 (vertical use): 1.5 m pixel CMOS, active surface: 600 mm² (20 x 30 mm)
  • Size 2 (horizontal use): 2.21 m pixel, active surface: 884 mm² (26 x 34 mm)
  • ACE-technology („Automatic Control Exposure“) in combination with X-Mind unity-X-Ray unit the X-Ray is stopped immediately as soon as enough radiation has been sent for a high-resolution image
  • USB2 Controller
  • Sopro imaging image editing software
  • Sensor holder
  • Protective cover

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