ARK7 tripod system

ARK7 Stativsystem

Inhalation anesthesia system with integrated ventilator specially developed for veterinary medicine

  • 2 in 1 system (non-rebreathing circuit and rebreathing circuit)
  • 8" TFT touch screen for parameter input and displayEasy-Switch for simple change of circuits via toggle switch
  • Suitable for animals from 0.5 - 150 kg
  • O2 flow meter 0-4 l/min
  • Oxygen bypass (oxygen flush for immediate oxygen supply)
  • CO2 absorber tank with quick-change system
  • Pressure indicator for displaying the system pressure
  • Infinitely adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Integrated suspension device for hygienic storage of the hoses
  • Integrated automatic ventilator:
    • Electronic turbine (no external drive gas/compressor required)
    • Ventilation modes (VS, PRVC, SIMV-PRVC), other modes optional
    • Ventilation parameters are shown on a large color display (touchscreen)
    • Patient safety through visual and audible alarms
    • Automatic parameter setting based on patient weight
    • Mains and battery operation (up to 2 hours)


  • Gas filter scale,
    • EtO2 monitoring sidestream or mainstream,
    • Additional ventilation modes (SIMV-PC, PSV, PSVPro),
    • additional AIR flowmeter 0-4 L, ventilation bellows 0-300 ml

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