MSU 1 plus Ultrasoundsystem

MSU 1 plus Ultraschallgerät

Affordable, fully digital diagnostic ultrasound device of the compact class with mechanical probe with freeze function for mobile use in pregnancy and ovary diagnostics.

  • Very good image quality
  • High-contrast 5.7" LCD monitor
  • Operation modes: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M mode
  • Frequencies: 2,5-3,5 MHz
  • Visual depth adjustable in five steps
  • Image memory up to 100 images
  • Measuring programs for gestation periods in farm animals
  • USB port for image transfer to external storage
  • In battery mode up to 3 hrs of operation
  • Without fan, i.e. contamination does not enter the interior
  • Removable, easy-to-clean velcro strap for fastening to the forearm, as well as additional straps for positioning in front of the examiner
  • leather bag for transport
  • Very lightweight, only 1.1 kg incl. battery

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