NICAL Smart Micro plus+ VET USB

NICAL Smart Micro plus+ VET USB


Digital imaging plate X-ray system for first-class dental X-rays

  • The innovative scanner allows easy image acquisition for a wide range of diagnostic images, thanks to the large film 4 (76x57 mm) it is possible to map dental overviews up to extremities
  • Excellent, detailed and high-contrast images with highest resolution
  • Resolution (theoretically): 22 lp/mm – 16 bits – SNR ≥ 65 dB
  • NICAL preprocessing eliminates the effects of overexposure and underexposure by automatic adjustment during the readout process
  • Software is intuitive to use with a wide range of services that leaves nothing to be desired (gradation, different filter options, measurement packages, magnifications, inversion, magnifying glass, export JPEG/DICOM and much more)
  • User-friendly scanning process by automatic detection of the film size and automatic feeder without malfunction, after a short time the deleted film is available again for new image recordings
  • 2 different scan times:
    - high resolution 4- 9 sec.
    - standard resolution 2-5 sec.
  • The inimalistic design with small dimensions (250x190x283 mm) fits into any small animal practice
  • USB 2/3 or ethernet
  • DICOM worklist/storage optional
  • Available film size:
    • size 0 (31 x 22 mm), size 1 (40 x 24 mm),
    • size 2 (41 x 31 mm), size 3 (54 x 27 mm),
    • size 4c (54 x 48 mm), size 4 (76x57 mm)
  • Due to the special patented design of the highly sensitive phosphor films with a flexible magnetic layer, there are further advantages:
    long service life (no mechanical stress on the films during the scanning process), additional clever protection against scattered radiation
  • Lightcovers and hygiene sleeves for all sizes
  • Starter kit with films 2 x 1, 2 x 2, 1 x 3, 1 x 4 (plus light covers and hygiene sleeves)

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