PHYdetect a-Si 25

PHYdetect a-Si 25

High-resolution image quality for mobile use.

  • High-resolution DR-detector (25 x 33 cm, 1,9 kg, WLAN)
  • Scintillator material caesiumiodid (CsI) for detailed images
  • 072 x 3.840 pixel, 76 μm pixel pitch
  • OLED display on the detector with all status information
  • Robust and water-repellent construction
  • Transmission time 5 s
  • Lenovo notebook according to the current specification, 17“ TFT high-resolution touch screen
  • Charging station for up to 2 batteries
  • 2 Li-ion polymer batteries
  • Operating time approx. 4 hours or 650 recordings
  • All-in-one acquisition and database software PHYvision for high image quality due to parameters specially adapted to veterinary medicine, extensive measurement package (HD, VHS, VD etc.), patient-CDs, export function of image data DICOM / JPEG, e-mail dispatch, etc.
  • AED (Automatic Exposure Detection)
  • DICOM standard
  • Automatic shutter-software
  • Horsemode
  • 12 months warranty, extension on request
  • Exclusive PHYSIA® image algorithms for a variety of species and anatomical regions, thus immediately a good image result without time-consuming post-processing
  • 12 months PHYSIA®- First-Level Support directly from the specialist in veterinary medical technology

Optional components:

  • DR-protection box, 35 x 43 cm with handle, low weight
  • Anti-scatter grid 24 x 30 cm
  • Mobile transport case
  • Full service contract

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