PHYmax II CSI 43 – Digital All-in-One X-Ray system

PHYmax II Csi 43 – Digitale All-in-One Röntgenanlage

PHYmax II combines the best of two systems, a PHYdetect CSI 43x43 DR panel and a 32kw stationary X-ray generator merge to a fully integrated digital ALL-in-ONE solution. With the PHYmax II you can acquire high-resolution digital X-ray images. Easy to use, you can control through the touchscreen monitor the whole X-ray process centrally via the PHYvision software. You do not have to look up the values in exposure tabels anymore. You can fully concentrate on the patient.

Futher product features:

  • Generator: 32kW / max. 450 mA; 40-125 kV
  • Focus: 0.6/1.3 mm
  • Exposure time 1ms – 2.5 s
  • Socket pin: 230 V – 50 / 60 Hz single-phase
  • Rotating X-ray table: (width x depth x height) 160 x 77 cm longitudinal shift +-35 cm; depth shift +-11 cm, total system height: 195 cm
  • Detector: Cäsiumiodid (CsI) for images down to the last detail 43x43 cm, pixel distance 139µm
  • High-resolution 24“ touchscreen monitor (optional with keyboard and mouse attachment)
  • PHYvision software:
    • Highest image quality through special developed paramertes for the veterinary medicine
    • Control of the whole X-ray modality through a graphical user interface
    • Image aquisition in a few seconds
    • Efficient operating processes from the admission of the patient data to the finished study with all images and measurements.
    • Medical measurement functions incl. assistence funktion (HD, VHS, VD etc.)
    • PHYgrid virtual anti-scatter grid, no further grid required
    • AED (Automatic Exposure Detection)
    • Automatic Shutter Software
    • Easy storage and export of image data (E-Mail, patient CD, USB Stick, DICOM, JPEG)
    • As stand-alone-system or completely integrated in the practice management
    • Multi-user-software, non-concurrent license for up to 5 work stations
    • DICOM standard, GDT

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