RWD Life Sience R650IP

RWD Life Sience Inhalationsnarkose R650

High-quality vaporizer technology for unmatched precision in inhalation anaesthesia

  • Temperature-dependent flow compensation for highest accuracy
  • 2 in 1 system, open and closed circuit (none-rebreathing and re-breathing circuit), also suitable for animals under 7 kg
  • Integrated ventilation hose system for greater safety due to reduced heat loss and improved humidity for the benefit of the patient
  • Integrated inhalation gas filter system for improved health protection
  • Integrated suspension device for hygienic storage of the hoses
  • Container for CO2 absorption
  • Breathing bags 0,5L, 1L and 2L
  • Integrated suspension device for hygienic storage of hoses
  • Space-saving, stable 4- roller stand
  • Integrated device for surveillance monitors
  • Endotracheal tube set consisting of 17 tubes (2-10mm)


  • Attachment tray for patient monitoring
  • tablett for oxygen concentrator
  • Gas filter mount
  • Oxygen concentrator 5 L/min, low-noise 40 dbA (cost-effective alternative to oxygen bottles)
  • Digital small animal ventilator including attachment:
    • Paramter Pre-Set based on animal weight 0,4 - 150 kg
    • Modi: VCV, PIP-CV, APNEA, PEEP
    • Tidal volume 0-1.500ml (50-300ml, 300-1.500ml)
    • Automatic Leakage Test
    • 7“ LCD Display
    • Real-time measurement of air flow and oxygen source
    • LED and sound alarm
    • Lithium battery for 4 hours operation time in the event of a power failure
    • Optional EtO2 monitoreing and remote control of Inspiration Hold

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