Imaging Plate System PHYcr T-Advance

Speicherfoliensystem PHYcr T-Advance

High class computed radiography (CR) system

  • PHYVISION image processing for brilliant X-rays in veterinary medicine
  • Minimized training effort due to the intuitive control
  • Efficient work processes from the recording of patient data to the finished study
  • Exclusive PHYSIA® image algorithms for a variety of species and anatomical regions, thus immediately a good image result without time-consuming post-processing
  • Single and multi-user software, i.e. the software can be installed on any number of PCs in the practice‘s network, depending on the license model, the software can be used by one or several users simultaneously in the practice.
  • Image editing tools zoom, annotation, invert, rotate, tilt, mirror, length and angle measurement, ROI (region of interest) etc.
  • Extensive measurement package: vertebral heart score VHS, hip dysplasia, TPLO, etc.
  • Various image filters (bone filter, vascular filter, soft tissue filter, thoracic filter)
  • Import and export of different image formats such as DICOM, JPEG
  • Patient-CD with DICOM Viewer
  • E-mail dispatch
  • Connection interfaces to all common practice management software/PACS
  • Double security during archiving
  • Original FUJIFILM OEM reader
  • Desktop PC according to the current specification 23“ Multitouch-display (stationary version) or LENOVO Notebook 17“ Touchdisplay according to the current specification (mobile version)
  • 12 months PHYSIA®-First-Level Support directly from the specialist in veterinary medical technology

PHYSIAs special platform for the components of the PHYCR series enable efficient and safe working with a sophisticated design.

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