VINNO 6 VET Ultrasoundsystem DEMOSYSTEM

VINNO 6 VET Ultraschallsystem DEMOSYSTEM

High-Performance abdomen-/cardio ultrasound devices from VINNO. Innovative RF-technology for highest resolution and detail, individually configurable and retrofit due to platform technology.

High performance Abdomen-/Cardio-System, mobile, ultra-lightweight

  • Brilliant image quality „best in class“ due to patented RF technology (20 Bit)
  • 15.6“ high-resolution LED monitor
  • Super sensitive 8" smart touch panel for easy operation
  • Optimized VET work surface for efficient work
  • Operation modes: B, B/B, B/M, Colour-, Power-, Pulse Wave-, CW-doppler, Duplex B/PW doppler, Triplex B/Colour/PW doppler, High PRF pulsed Wave doppler, Trapezoid-View, full screen mode, TD (Tissue doppler)
  • Frequencies: 1.35-25 MHz
  • Pure Wave probes technology improves penetration and colour intensity
  • One-Touch automatic image optimisation
  • Image optimisation: VFusion, VSpeckle I, VTissue (innovative, adaptive image optimisation by compensating different sound velocities in different tissues)
  • VET pre-sets and annotations
  • VET measuring packages, cardiologic measuring packages
  • Ultra-fast SDD Hard drive for 20,000+ images
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/USB Ports
  • Battery life for 2 hours of continuous operation
  • Ultralight magnesium/aluminium case "best in class" total weight 3.5 kg

Optional: ECG, TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging), DICOM, carrier case

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