Use the full potential of your existing system.


Software updates offer new features, improved image quality and efficient work flows. With a software update you are up-to-date, even your hardware stays the same.

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Hardware is continously developed further, systems are getting smaller, lighter, faster and offer more performance. If your hardware became old, it can possibly make sense to think about hardware optimization. Ask us we will give you anwers.

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Focused only on veterinary medicine, Physia developed its own image algorithm and pre-sets, which deliver far above standard results. Systems installed by Physia do have an increased image quality and performance.

  • Exclusive PHYSIA®-Image Algorithm for x-ray imaging, for a multitude of species and anatomic regions. Spot on from the start the perfect image, no time consuming post-processing needed.
  • Exclusive PHYSIA® Ultrasound Pre-Sets for a multitude of species and anatomic regions. Right from the start a perfect image.


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